Transport in Teso

Giving directions in Ateso




Eyapiasi/Idunyasi kede Ngora High School

It is close to Ngora High School

Ejai orot lo elosi Serere

It is on the way to Serere

Ijesar kwap na amukurat/ ajesumut

Drive down the hill/slope


Idi bo/Imwas ai ijaikini ijo eong?

How much will you give me?

Ijo da, ikeikit eong ebeei/etiaye!

Hey, you are overcharging me!

Ipu isirigin ngul noi!

That’s a lot of money!

Ainakini / Enakini eong ijo elukumit

I shall give you 1000

Abuni eong ainakin ijo ilukumin iyare

I will give you 2000

Arai eong emusugut, konye mam eong abarit

I’m a white man, but I’m not a rich

Stopping and thanking

Kopaik nen!

Stop over there/Stop there!

Eyalama aitodoloun eong ejok

Thanks for delivering me safely

Eyalama, mam yesi apotu ikeikitos eong ebeei/etiae

Thanks for not overcharging me

Irai ijo ederepa/ekerengeton loajokan

You are a good driver

Kainak eong ijo ekanaaba/ enaaba ka alilot

Let me give you my cellphone number (having a trusted boda driver is quite a safe option)

Elipit eong koinak eong ekoninaaba/enaaba kon loka’ alilot

I’d like to have your cellphone number

Vocabulary: Transport

Alomar atakisi/amatatu

To board a taxi (Lit; To enter in a taxi)



Adokun (kane, kangina)

To get out (here, there)

Adokun ko … /Alomun kinga na...

To get off or out …

Ederepa /lokamieton/ lokaerengeton


Ekerengean emotoka/amotoka




Mam ejokuna