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Health, the Body and describing a Person

Seeking for medical help in Ateso



Ateso Pronunciation

Akoto eong aanyun Lokemadan/ Lokemukian/Emuron (Edokita).

I want to see a doctor (Emuron refers to either a medical assistant/ clinical officer and doctor. Edokita is specifically for a doctor)

When at the doctors in Teso

Ipupi bo ijo biai. Inyobo ideka ijo?

How are you feeling. What are you suffering from? (lit: what is hurting you?)

Aomit eong bala ajaatar ka eimidi

I think I have malaria (lit. fever)

Eriebi eong akou

I have got a headache (lit.: My head is hurting me)

Eriebi eong emorosing. Epipil emorosing ka

My neck is paining. My neck is hurting

Itekeri eong akoik

I have got diarrhea

Abu eong kadum akangas(i)

I was involved in an accident (Lit. I got an accident)

Abu eong kemusungun/ kamusungikin kotoma akangas

I got injured in an accident

Describing a person in Ateso

Eputosi bo ngesi biai?

How does he/she look like?

Eputosi Etyang ka/kede Okwalinga

Etyang looks like Okwalinga

Akonilangir erai biai?/Etia ai alangir kon?

How much do you weigh?

Mam euriana, mam eoja/Ejai kiding kiding

Medium-heighted (Lit. not short, not tall)