Greetings and Goodbyes

After not seeing one another for a long time:



Ateso Pronunciation

Version 1: Iwolio ijo/Iwoliosi yesi

Long time no see. (Lit You are lost)

Version 2: Aibo iwolio ijo?

Where have you been? (Lit. Where did you get lost?)

Response 1: Ajai eong

I’m still around

Response 2: Epolokit lem eong aswam

I have been really busy these days

Ngesi mam ewanyunere luce?

Is that reason for not seeing the others?

Ipal do ijo iso ice

You have forgotten some of us

Biai bodo akonikuan/akuan kon?

How is your health? (Lit.: How is your body?)


When parting there are several ways of saying goodbye.

In general:



Ateso Pronunciation


Goodbye! (Lit. Well/Let’s see each/one other again (both singular and plural))

Kianyun bobo/Kaanyunos ikatunga!

Goodbye, /Goodbye my people! (Lit. We will meet again (for several people))

Instead the following ways of saying goodbye are much more common:

Morning until afternoon

Amunor ijo apaaran najokan

Have a nice day (to one person)

Amunor yesi kere apaaran najokan

Have a nice day (to several people). (Lit. I wish you a good day)

Response: Eebo, amunor ijo da apaaran najokan

Yes, I wish you too a nice day (to one person)

Response: Eebo, amunor yesi da apaaran najokan

Yes, I wish you too a nice day

Afternoon until night



Ateso Pronunciation

Kojotoor ejok/ Akware nakajokan!

Goodnight! (Lit. Sleep well)

Response: Eebo Loapolon(lokapolon)/ napoleon(nakapolon), amunor ijo da kojotoor ejok. Ipa/papa/ mamai/toto/ija)

Yes Sir/Madam, I wish you too a good night..Most times in ordinary talk sir/madam is uncommon, so father, uncle, mother, or aunt is used.

Kojotooros ejok ikatunga

Goodnight, my people(pl.)

Response: Eebo loapolon(lokapolon) / napoleon(nakapolon), ijo da kojotoor ejok

Yes Sir/Madam, wishing you too a good night.

At any time



Ateso Pronunciation

Kiboyoto ejok/Kojaasi ejok!

All the best guys (lit: Be or stay well (pl.))

Response: Eyalama loapolon(lokapolon, ipa) / napolon(nakapolon, ito)

Thanks (Sir/Madam)

Kojai ejok loapolon(lokapolon,ipa)/ napolon(nakapolon,ito)

All the best Sir/Madam

Amunor yesi kere apaaran najokan (nuito,nuapolok)/(luapolok,luipa)

Have a nice day (several people important persons)

Response: Eyalama isio, ka yesi da.

Thank you, same to you too (to several people)

Wishing a safe journey



Ateso Pronunciation

Kodol ejok/Erot loajokan/Alosit najokan

Safe journey

Kodoloto ejok/Erot loajokan!

Safe journey (to several people)

Again, as a religious person you can say:

Kidari Lokapolon/Lokasuban/ Ejakait/Akuj

May the Lord protect you

Kidari Ejakait/Lokapolon/ Lokasuban yesi

May the Lord protect you (several people)