Greetings and Goodbyes

After not seeing one another for a long time:



Ateso Pronunciation

Version 1: Iwolio ijo/Iwoliosi yesi

Long time no see. (Lit You are lost)

Version 2: Aibo iwolio ijo?

Where have you been? (Lit. Where did you get lost?)

Response 2: Epolokit lem eong aswam

I have been really busy these days

Ngesi mam ewanyunere luce?

Is that reason for not seeing the others?

Biai bodo akonikuan/akuan kon?

How is your health? (Lit.: How is your body?)


When parting there are several ways of saying goodbye.

In general:



Ateso Pronunciation


Goodbye! (Lit. Well/Let’s see each/one other again (both singular and plural))

Kianyun bobo/Kaanyunos ikatunga!

Goodbye, /Goodbye my people! (Lit. We will meet again (for several people))

Instead the following ways of saying goodbye are much more common:

Morning until afternoon

Amunor ijo apaaran najokan

Have a nice day (to one person)

Amunor yesi kere apaaran najokan

Have a nice day (to several people). (Lit. I wish you a good day)

Response: Eebo, amunor ijo da apaaran najokan

Yes, I wish you too a nice day (to one person)

Response: Eebo, amunor yesi da apaaran najokan

Yes, I wish you too a nice day

Afternoon until night



Ateso Pronunciation

Kojotoor ejok/ Akware nakajokan!

Goodnight! (Lit. Sleep well)

Response: Eebo Loapolon(lokapolon)/ napoleon(nakapolon), amunor ijo da kojotoor ejok. Ipa/papa/ mamai/toto/ija)

Yes Sir/Madam, I wish you too a good night..Most times in ordinary talk sir/madam is uncommon, so father, uncle, mother, or aunt is used.

Response: Eebo loapolon(lokapolon) / napoleon(nakapolon), ijo da kojotoor ejok

Yes Sir/Madam, wishing you too a good night.

At any time



Ateso Pronunciation

Kiboyoto ejok/Kojaasi ejok!

All the best guys (lit: Be or stay well (pl.))

Response: Eyalama loapolon(lokapolon, ipa) / napolon(nakapolon, ito)

Thanks (Sir/Madam)

Kojai ejok loapolon(lokapolon,ipa)/ napolon(nakapolon,ito)

All the best Sir/Madam

Amunor yesi kere apaaran najokan (nuito,nuapolok)/(luapolok,luipa)

Have a nice day (several people important persons)

Response: Eyalama isio, ka yesi da.

Thank you, same to you too (to several people)

Wishing a safe journey



Ateso Pronunciation

Kodol ejok/Erot loajokan/Alosit najokan

Safe journey

Again, as a religious person you can say:

Kidari Ejakait/Lokapolon/ Lokasuban yesi

May the Lord protect you (several people)