Food and the Uganda Cuisine

The Ugandan cuisine is very much focused on carbohydrates as they are the best source of energy. Every meal contains one, two or even three of the staple foods, which differ by region. In the Buganda a mix of pieces of cooked beans, potatoes, cassava and posho is common. With green bananas is some areas. While in East and West Atap (bread made of . millet/cassava flour) is much more common as well as sweet potatoes and matooke. Since matooke is a little bit more on the expensive side posho, a white maize bread is eaten especially in schools, military, prisons and urban areas. There are a few kinds of sauces that go along with the staple food. Usually it is beans with posho, a groundnut or peanut-sauce with matooke and meat or fish in a soup for the more affluent. Salads are impossible to find in the local cuisine but cabbage and green beans are sometimes served as a side dish. There is not much variety in the cuisine and lots of Ugandans eat the same food every day, schools usually serve posho and beans every day. 

How to express yourself when you hungry or thirsty




Eyarit eong etengei

I’m hungry (literally: hunger is hurting me)

Ejakit eong akure

I’m thirsty (literally: thirst is hurting me)