When at the Market and Shopping

The biggest market for fruits, vegetables and other products in Teso is at the center of Soroti town called Soroti market. 

Finding your way




Elwanikina / elwana kane. Eyapie kane

Is it far / it is far from here. Is it nearby

Itimoi, kitodikinai eong nejai esokoni /agwelanaret

Please, direct me to the market

Ilosi ijo aicanican / aboliare ikapun/isirigin?

You’re going to waste money?

At the market

Igwelanari ijo araito or puruuts?

Are you selling fruits?

Ejai ne egwelanarere obakedo kane?

Is there somewhere they sell avocados here?

Inquiring about prices and bargaining

Igwelari ijo etaget/amalaku biai?

How much do you sell the bananas?

Akoto lu/nu/na/lo elukumit

I want some for 1000. (lu/nu are used for masculine/feminine plural, while lo/na are used for masculine/ feminine singular. In Ateso any item whose name starts with and ‘e’ is regarded masculine, while those that start with ‘a’ are regarded feminine)

Vocabulary: Shopping

Ekwam/Ikwamin/lo alilot/esimu


Clothes and textiles


Popular women dress fashioned by a Spanish catholic nun by the name Gomes(Spanish)


Popular men gabb fashioned adopted from the Arabic tunic