Why Ateso?

Iteso people are found in Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya, and they speak Ateso. The people are called Iteso, two or more females are called Ateso and two or more males Iteso.


One female is called Atesot and one male is Etesot. In Teso Uganda, the Kumam and Iteso haveare from a common heritage called the Ateker. Kuman due to mixing with Luo today, use some Luo words mixed with Ateso.

The Karamojong also part of Ateker. The people of Karamoja the Karimojong refer yo Teso as Kumam not Teso, and its people as Ikumama. Iteso are apart of the Ateker people with close links with Karamojong, Turkana of Kenya, Nyangatom of Ethiopia, Kumi or Toposa of South Sudan. Anthropologists link them to the Kakwa, Bari, Kuku, Lotuko, Lango and many others.